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What is Marketing?
Marketing refers to the process an organization undertakes to engage its target audience, build strong relationships in order to capture value in return. It is one of the primary components of business management and commerce. Marketers can direct their products to other businesses or directly to consumers.

What are the 5 marketing concepts?
There are 5 marketing concepts that organizations adopt and execute. These are; 
(1) production concept,
(2) product concept,
(3) selling concept,
(4) marketing concept
, and
(5) societal marketing concept.

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What are the stages of marketing?
The four stages of the content marketing funnel are awareness, evaluation, purchase, and delight. Each stage serves a specific purpose in the customer's journey, as should the content presented to the customer in those stages.

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What is the difference between marketing and selling?
In simple words, selling transforms the goods into money, but marketing is the method of serving and satisfying customer needs. The marketing process includes the planning of a product's and service's price, promotion and distribution